To book your next vacation at The Maples, please phone us or email Susan directly to confirm your spot!
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High Season is June 25-Sept 5

We look forward to your visit. Here’s what you can expect to pay to relax and enjoy your time with us.

Cottages (based on 2 person occupancy)

  • High season $1,540/week or $250/night
  • Shoulder Season $995/week or $180/night

Bed and Breakfast  (based on 10 person occupancy)

  • High season $3795/week or $570/night
  • Shoulder Season $2885/week or $435/night

Manor (based on 11 person occupancy)

  • High season $4,275/week or $660/night
  • Shoulder Season $3430/week or $535/night

Bed and Breakfast – The Maples Suite

  • High season $185/night
  • Shoulder Season $150/night

Bed and Breakfast – Dogwood Suite

  • High season $160/night
  • Shoulder Season $125/night

Bed and Breakfast – Cottonwood Room

  • High season $130/night
  • Shoulder Season $110/night

Bed and Breakfast – Oak Room

  • High season $120/night
  • Shoulder Season $95/night


  • Person
    $90 per person per week, or $15 per day
  • Parking
    $90 per car per week, or $15 per day
  • Boat
    $120 per boat moorage per week, or $20 per day